Jan. 8th, 2011

comeoutwrong: (☾ on the bed)
Effy, being the discerning sort, had avoided getting caught up in the freak storm of mis-communication yesterday. She didn't talk enough to bother leaving people hundreds of messages, and that had really worked in her favour. The message she'd been left yesterday got to stay on her voicemail. It amused her.

True to this trait, she was busy texting back and forth with Panda this afternoon, trying to solve her friend's relationship issues. Effy found it particularly ironic that Pandora chose her of all people for all these questions. Like she had a brilliant track record with this shit.

Lounging sideways on her bed with her head dangling half off the edge as she look particularly comfortable, but left her with the option to glance out her open door and keep an eye on whatever the fuck her cross-hallway neighbor was doing wandering to apparently just stare into the hallway periodically.

Maybe she'd go ask later. When she could be bothered.

[[Door and post open, I completely failed at playing with phones yesterday, so I LINKDROP TODAY, DAMN IT.]]


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