Feb. 21st, 2012

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Effy’s bench was feeling a little on the crowded side today. For once, not because she was sharing it with a flock of ducks that had decided she was their best source of food. No, today it was because of the pop-up restaurant and a host of pancake related activities down by the lake. It did up the people-watching potential, that much was true. That, and pancake-getting potential. Both were no bad thing, and neither was getting out into the city.

She’d gone through a stage in the last few months where getting out of the house and away from her mum had been lower on her priorities, and lately that had backfired in a sharp increase of ‘well, sweetheart you know you can’t live with me forever’ sort of comments, and she’d gone back to taking herself off as much as a still somewhat protective parental environment would allow. Avoidance was still an issue, as much as it ever was.

The implication, she imagined, was that she should probably re-apply to all the universities she’d abandoned the thought of after... things. It was probably the right thing to do, but, she’d still been putting it off for weeks.

Tomorrow. Maybe then.

[[ NFB, for distance, but open for phonecalls/texts etc.]]


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