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There were a few key moments in life. When you realised things Had To Fucking Change. Effy'd had a few of these moments over the years, and this morning had given her yet one more: Simon's cock. Simon being her mother's latest in a line of increasingly annoying boyfriends. If he'd only keep his clothes on in the kitchen, he might have made it slightly higher in her estimations.

She really needed to get out of this house. Out of this city, if at all possible.

A large pink circle got scrawled onto the employment page of the paper in front of her, over a job she figured she was seriously unlikely to get, and Effy glanced up at her computer at a movement on screen.

"What's a Repercussions Advisor do?" Pandora asked, frowning at her through the screen of her laptop.

"Fuck knows." Effy was fairly sure the answer was as easy as 'something she couldn't'. "They probably made it up."

Pandora tapped away at her own keyboard several thousand miles across the Atlantic. "Wouldn't they have made-it-up more exciting?"

"Spent my summer as an 'ice cream service technician'." So no, they probably wouldn't have. "I'll do it."

[[ NFB for distance, but open to calls/texts/etc. New canon has been announced, I forsee trauma. ]]
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