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Contains large chunks of copy-pasta. As usual.

Chuck Bartowski ([ profile] knowsnokungfu)
"Maybe we should be introduced, I'm Chuck Bartowski: total loser, cheeseball addict."

  • Is from the TV show Chuck! Which is an awesome fun little show that deserves far more love than it gets. It focuses on... strangely enough, Chuck! A electronics store employee who goes and gets a bunch of government secrets stuffed into his brain and drama and comedy ensues. My boy, however, is pre-canon, and knows none of this.
  • Sixteen and a sophomore, about 6' (he's going through a growth spurt, eventually he will get to about 6'4"), lanky, and the younger brother of [ profile] awesomebigsis. Same universe an' all.
  • Has daddy issues. And mommy issues. But they are mostly covered in adorable goof, so you don't really notice them so much.
  • He is a little bit of a nerd.
  • ... Okay, he's a lot of a nerd. In that cute and dorky way that just makes you love him to pieces and want to ruffle his hair and take him home.
  • The boy can BABBLE. Especially when he's nervous. It happens a lot around pretty girls and scary people. Doubly so around pretty girls who are also scary people. He runs into that more than you might imagine.
  • Also a hopeful little romantic, even if it rarely works out well for him. By rarely works out well, I mean in canon he usually ends up with a gun against his head or thrown out a window, or... whatever else could possibly go wrong. Poor Chuck.
  • Has this wee crush on Ariel, but has not yet realised that she's into ALL THE BOYS.
  • He's really just a sweet, funny guy, and a little too trusting and too naive for his own good. He thinks the best of everyone.
  • One of these days he'll end up with that government supercomputer in his noggin and get embroiled in a life full of spies, danger and conspiracies. One day!

  • For those of you who don't watch and don't know: Chuck NBC Promo, and have a Chuck Sandwich. <3

Elizabeth Stonem ([ profile] pastmewrong)
"She gave me that smile. That 'Effy' smile... That says; You don't know me at all, and you never will."

  • Seventeen, a senior now, 5'7", and my second lanky brunette, this time from British TV show Skins.
  • Cool, misanthropic and aloof, she's full of 'shadowy ways', and doesn't like getting close to people because they fuck you up... So she smirks and snarks and will generally pretend she really doesn't give a shit.
  • She gives off a very intense vibe, talks very little, and watches that bit too long. Unnerving, sometimes.
  • Posterchild for Fille Fatale. TV Tropes have a big picture of her on the page and everything. If there's a dirty implication to be made, she'll make it.
  • At the moment that side of things is all limited to one guy. Shut up. They do not call it dating, and no they will not admit there are a lot of complicated feelings involved there.
  • Is a little manipulative, a lot secretive, and has a lot of trouble dealing with (and admitting she actually HAS) emotions. She likes to think she's independent, completely emotionally unflappable, and needs no one.
  • This is a big fat lie. She is softening up, slowly but surely. Shh.
  • She is smart, but she hides it well, and finds reading people and situations a lot easier than actually dealing with the emotional side.
  • The girl does smoke, drink, swear and do drugs with absolutely no qualms. She'll also encourage other people in any of those activities. A good influence, she is not.
  • She has her reasons for this excessive substance reliance, those being some pretty major mental health problems, and the only way she knows to deal with it all is by muting everything.
  • It's the sort of issue that comes and goes in episodes (so trauma will sometimes kick off a break) but she's kept it fairly well hidden. She's not been so good at that lately. She's likely to drift off into her own world mid-conversation, say things that make very little sense... She's probably listening to another chat going on purely in her own head and got distracted. At least she's not gone full on Room of Crazy yet.
  • On another OOC note! If there's anything she says/does that bothers you, please please talk to me. She has a chunk of psychological issues, shows borderline addictive behaviour, can be abrasive and will manipulate people just for funsies if she sees the opportunity. She doesn't really do it to be mean, she just can't help herself sometimes. OOC =/= IC and communication FTW and all that.

  • And for those of you that haven't seen this one: A gen one promo, gen two promo and GEN THREE PROMO, cause zomg one moooonth. I'm totally excited, shut up... Warning for naked people, drugs, violence, etc. etc.

Angela Montenegro: [ profile] flashesforinfo

  • Is from Bones.
  • Alumni of 2010
  • 18 and a student at Radford University in Virginia where she's studying art.
  • Bubbly and personable, she loves people and parties and is a self-admitted good time girl.
  • Was dating Hannibal King. Except now he's gone vamp and tried to kill her. Him trying to eat her was sort of a relationship killer for her.
  • Has a massive list of bad endings of her relationships in canon, so... things are starting to go the right way for that.

Cindy Mackenzie: [ profile] imac_kenzie

  • Is from Veronica Mars.
  • Alumni of 2009
  • 19 and doing computer science at CIT.
  • She's very bright, loves technology, and spends most of her life attached to her MacBook.
  • Uses sarcasm liberally.
  • Used to have extreme hair streaks. They are now just several shades lighter than the rest of her hair.
  • Has just found out that this ex of hers she thought was on another planet is... not. That might've been a little shock to her system.

Shawn Farrell: [ profile] justmisplaced

  • From The 4400
  • Alumni of 2008
  • 21 and is kind of leader of a cult. He didn't mean for that to happen. Really!
  • Is dating Lana Lang and has been for.... going on three years.
  • Was abducted by aliens the future for two years when he was sixteen.
  • They gave him this awesome power where he can heal people. Of anything. People in his universe think he's the next messiah or something.
  • Can also suck the life out of them, but he doesn't publicize that one.

  • Emma, 23, British.
  • I live in the Midlands. For reals. It is as cool as that place on that show.
  • I can be found on LJ as [ profile] binx_349 and Twitter as the same.
  • I work at a hospital these days, and sort of spilt my time between clinics and desk stuffs where my boss sits riiiight behind me. Generally not about until after 6pm GMT/Lunchtime in America.
  • When I am around and at home, I'm often distracted by housemates/my boyfriend/killing things in World of Warcraft, etc. So. Special brand of slowplay.
  • I can be grabbed on email at 3.mackenzie[at]googlemail[dot]com or AIM at ihatefrills -- although I always forget to put up away messages, so if I don't reply it's probably because I wandered AFK without warning not because I don't wanna chat.
  • I am 5'9", have two kitties (one who eats wires, the other who eats toes) and two gerbils and would live off candy if I was allowed.
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