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Why hadn’t she lied? After everything, she probably could’ve got away with another couple of months of slouching around, uselessly unemployed. Could’ve told them she wasn’t ready.

But no. Fucking dumb, that was.

All week, it’d been sweltering and beautiful, and today, on Effy’s first day stuck out here in a shitty little tin can on wheels full of ice cream... It was pouring with rain, and the odd roll of thunder rattled in the sky. It was typical, really. British fucking summertime. She’d be lucky if she didn’t get hit by lightning.

Although, come to think of it, she wasn’t sure she’d have liked being stuck working while it was hot out either, because air conditioning was like some kind of a foreign myth. At least like this the number of people actually showing up to make her work for her pay was miniscule at best. It left her with plenty of time to stare listlessly at the downpour, sculpt shapes in the ice cream, balance precariously stacked cones and make things out of lolly sticks.

This was the life...

At least she hadn’t had to sing or dance about anything yet.

[[ NFB due to distance and dimensions and such, but open for texts and calls. ]]
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