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Most days, Effy found issues could be pretty easily buried. She was practiced, good at it, and spending time away had helped. Skiing wasn't her, snowboarding, hot tubbing, relaxing. It wasn't really her. Actually it was easier not being her.

But. Reality had slowly leaked back in, and there were days like today, when she let her guard down and dreams of other places slithered in and got comfortable and brought friends, and bothered her. A lot.

Without class today to take her mind off things, she had to make her own entertainment. Shift her focus away from whatever shit was taking up space in her mind. No, today she had a... project.

Effy could be surprisingly productive when she was thrown into the right -- or possibly wrong, mental state. She should probably be considering what Peter would think of her new decorative impulses. Whatever. It was a little marker pen, and on her side of the room at least.

[[Door and post are open, Effy is... weird.]
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No newbies for me.... and I'm a little late on the bandwaggon to boot. Ah well.

Chuck Bartowski ([ profile] knowsnokungfu)
"Maybe we should be introduced, I'm Chuck Bartowski: total loser, cheeseball addict."
Future nerd of Buymoria! )

Elizabeth Stonem ([ profile] pastmewrong)
"She gave me that smile. That 'Effy' smile... That says; You don't know me at all, and you never will."
The enigmatic bad girl. )

I'm just going to link back to the alums Angela Montenegro, Cindy Mackenzie and Shawn Farrell, since they're off-island and less likely to be encountered!

And me. )

And here can go questions, comments... curses for my linking of TV Tropes, etc.
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Sleep, still not the easiest thing to come by, and when it finally did, the timing was all off, leaving Effy crawling her way to consciousness in the early afternoon. Not that it mattered, really, since it was a weekend anyway.

There was the surfacing of the realisation she should probably get up, get dressed, go out, do something... But not really the inclination. Too many other things spinning around in her head. A brief investigation down the side of her bed revealed the bottle she kept there was empty. Well. There went that solution. Shit.

Eventually, she made the effort to slip out of bed and turn up her music loud enough to almost drown out most of the snippets of conversation in the back of her head making her twitchy, and slid down to sit on the floor, back against her bed and head dropped back against the mattress. Picking up bad, floor-sitting habits. Wonder whose fault that was.

[[Door is closed, post can be open with the warning the girl is extra messy and broken. ETA: aaand I should probably tack on an extra WARNING for delicate subject matters ahead: discussion of alcohol abuse, mental health issues, etc.]]
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There was something Effy liked about staying up all night. Seeing the day start from what still felt, to her, like the closing of another one. The strangest things appealed to her, and could easily occupy her thoughts like that. For hours, sometimes.

It was possible... (okay, yes probable) that Effy hadn't bothered to sober up, and she was still slightly drunk from her night out. It put her in a lighter, if odder, mood than usual.

Half-drunk or not, it was still around about breakfast time, and after making her toast in the cabin, she took it outside to eat on the steps. Hangover hadn't yet hit, and she was warding it off as long as possible. Until it did, she was going to enjoy the sun.

[[Front porch, so ofc open. I was meaning to press post when it was actually still morning, and... yeah.]]
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Effy didn't know any dead people. Not well enough to get any visitors the last couple days, anyway, and for that she was grateful. Her live and kicking relatives were more than enough for her to deal with.

Or they had been. Right now, she was hearing so little from any of them, it was... weird. Tony was on an island in South East Asia doing some kind of voluntary crap, her mum had skipped off to Italy with no return date in sight (and had already been there a week before she decided to mention this, in a voicemail no less), and when it came to her dad... Who the fuck knew. Either way, it meant a quiet few weeks. She'd claim until the end of time she didn't care but... she was here, and they all seemed to be forgetting she even existed. It was a shitty feeling.

She didn't have much to unpack, and even if she had she wouldn't be in the mood to do anything about it right now, and just being in a small cabin with eight other people with nothing to distract her wasn't really her speed tonight. Like it ever was.

So, brooding. Sulking. Smoking. Whatever. On the roof. No dead relatives or friends necessary.

[[It's a roof, so, you know... ooopen, if anyone else would clamber up there. Or wants to talk at her from down below. I'm bored.]]
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Tonight's election wasn't something Effy could say she was particularly invested in. Wasn't like she was in the country, and she couldn't think it was going to affect her much here.

Besides, they all talked complete shit most of the time anyway. Politicians for you.

And yet... Stretched out on her bed, laptop on, with the BBC website in the background as she threw the odd IM back and forth with Tony. He could vote, that was her reasoning for why it apparently meant more to him.

[[Ah, elections. Door's open, post is also!]]
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I was going to be lazy and not do this since I don't have any newbies... then I remembered that there are a few important additions/warnings I should probably make since the last update. THANKS, Skins. ILU. >.>

(... Okay, so I was never going to be able to resist the excuse to babble about my kids. Shuddup, Tracy.)

Chuck Bartowski: future nerd of Buymoria! )

Elizabeth Stonem: the enigmatic bad girl. )

Angela Pearly-Gates Montenegro: wild child and unrepentant flirt )

And as usual I'm just going to link back to Cindy Mackenzie and Shawn Farrell, since they're off-island.

And me. )
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One of those benefits of being roommate-less, always gonna be there was no one to kick out when it came to the end of the night and, as planned, she didn't leave alone.

And still wasn't alone. Lying up against someone else, face turned into their chest, wasn't a bad way to wake up after all that. Enough so, that unless someone gave her a very good reason, she wouldn't be moving in any way other than a subtle shift closer.

It was not cuddling, no.

[[for that one that's there already, and a weetiny!]]
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Effy's head was still full of the fogged up confusion as she ran back to the dorms, and her mind was barely starting to wrangle the stray thoughts and overriding fear into something manageable by the time she reached her room.

There was trippy and there was wrong, and that had been all wrong. Under her hands had been a person, and in her head there was a misshapen monster, and there was blood and fear. But bits and pieces were starting to slip back into reality through the haze, and she almost didn't want that. Someone got hurt.

Desperately needing something safe, she firmly closed her door and dropped flat on her stomach, scooting into the enclosed space under her bed while she tried to gather her thoughts and recover her control. She might be there for a while.

[[The Fog might've worn off, but she's still a little unstable. It can be open should anyone have a reason to stop in. Following this once it's played out.]]
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Having two classes (relatively early classes, no less) was a bit of a quick come down after a week spent, mostly drunk, in the Bahamas. It all went by that little bit too fast. At least Effy dealt with the aftermath of extended hangovers well.

Or, with large quantities of nicotene, anyway.

Smoking was actually more satisfying somehow, when your breath alone almost misted up in the cold air. Made the smoke she was idly blowing out her open window from her spot perched on the sill look all the more impressive.

Not bad.

[[Expecting a couple, but the door and this post are totally open! ETA: And we should probably put an NFB on the topic of the girls' conversation.]]
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Wasn't every morning you Effy was woken by the sound of things getting kicked and thrown around. Not lately, anyway. So when she was today, it was pretty obvious there would be no extra long lie-in for her. Even if it hadn't jerked her awake, she'd have gone to investigate. It was just the way she was.

That might not have been a great idea )
[[Excuse to use the hurty pictures from Kaya's new movie ftw. Can be open!]]
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Effy's room was dark and freezing, and for the moment she was only putting up with it for the moment simply because she was pretty sure she'd feel colder if she got up and wandered around the dorms.

Not being very good at layers as a general rule, she was probably going to suffer this weekend.

Wasn't doing as badly as she could be, at the moment. Fortunately, she had a hell of a lot of candles, and found herself a long sleeved shirt, leggings and an oversized sweater she'd probably stolen from Tony at some point to pull way down over her knees and wrap her arms around as she fiddled with her phone before the batteries died on her.

Give her a minute, and she'd probably be back under her blankets. Weekend, so no one was going to force her to go anywhere. Could have had worse plans to keep her going until she ultimately got bored.

[[Door is closed, occupant cold, post can be open!]]
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With Christmas done and past, there didn't seem to be a hell of a lot going on around here, as far as she could tell. Few days until New Year's, and that trip, and a shitload of empty space to fill until then. Going out was her typical fallback at times like this, but you couldn't do that sort of thing all the time. Unfortunately. It would've been nice, having just one simple thing to think about. Never seemed to be the way things worked out, did it?

Spending her afternoon reading and idly blowing smoke rings out her window was a secondary option. She'd decided a long time ago that classic literature was more fun when there was alcohol or drugs involved. Pity that philosophy never got her by in classes.

[[and her door and this post are open. I have a day off and a bunch of free time to fill]]
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I've not got any newbies, and yet, I feel the need to repost (and edit and add to) my character babble all the same. Any excuse!

Chuck Bartowski: future nerd of Buymoria! )

Elizabeth Stonem: the enigmatic bad girl )

Angela Pearly-Gates Montenegro: wild child and unrepentant flirt )

And as usual I'm just going to link back to Cindy Mackenzie and Shawn Farrell, since the likelihood of running into them is severely decreased due to that alumni status.

Me: I've decided my type is probably 'brunettes without powers'. )

Totally used this mood just for the picture. Whaaat?
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Relaxing as days without classes could be, they did have a tendency to give far too much time to think, and over-think about just about everything that had gone on in the last week or so. There was a good lot of stuff that fell into that frustratingly complex category, and Effy had spent her day avoiding that, by being out and about and doing things, cold as it was.

It was only on the way back she'd noticed the overabundance of candy canes, grabbed a couple from the cafeteria and was sucking on one as she pottered around her room and returned a couple of calls from Panda and Tony.

It kept her oral fixation satisfied and was probably better for her lungs. Win win.

[[Open door/post!]]
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Looked like it was threatening rain outside, so Effy was staying in for once. Every girl needed a night off sometimes, even if they were few and far between for this one. She'd been out and got things done during the day, and to her, that should count for something.

So between the odd text to Tony (whose evening was going far more interestingly than hers), she was flopped back on the bed, holding the book she was reading up over her. She'd even got into it enough her hot chocolate had gone cold. That was actually kind of rare.

[[Door is cracked, but the post can be open!]]
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This was just exactly the reason that Effy avoided phone calls home, (except for the ones to Tony) like the plague. Couldn't manage one sodding five minute conversation without going off on one about something.

Today, as was the theme lately, it was at each other. )

Didn't take much of that back and forth before Effy deliberately hung up and threw her phone down onto her bed and cranked up some music in the hope that might drown out her thoughts. Ten quid said it took them a good twenty minutes to even notice she wasn't on the line anymore.

Just when she thought she was four thousand miles away and they couldn't keep fucking with her emotions. Just fantastic.

[[NFB on the contents of the parental conversation, which once again was taken with some modification from Skins 3x05, because I can't just let her be yet. Door's cracked, and the post can be open, sure, if someone actually wants to deal with her emo.]]
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Her room felt bizarrely empty without Edward around, not that Effy would admit that out loud. Still, a week down the line with his stuff gone and the dorm lists changed, she was getting the feeling now, that he probably wasn't coming back.

So today, since she didn't really have anywhere else to be, was the day for rearranging and spreading herself out a little, and making the most of this having her own room.

Made it feel less empty, somehow, and gave her something to think about that wasn't what was going on at home, or certain other confusing moments of this week. Perfect, as far as she was concerned.

[[Door open, post open.]]
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Pandora was sitting there across from her at her parent's kitchen table, breakfast completely ignored, while they both tried to pretend they hadn't just witnessed the catalyst to the argument raging in the hallway. The argument that had been going already for a good twenty minutes just upstairs.

Wasn't every day you witnessed one parent kissing the other parent's boss in the hallway in front of all of them. If she'd thought the incident a couple of days ago had been bad, it was because she hadn't had to deal with this part yet.

This... wasn't as easy to ignore. )

[[And again, NFB for distance related reasons. Dialogue modified from Skins 3x04.]]
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And, I'm going to pretend I'm doing this all spread out for the sake of Tracy and her fingers... not because I'm a little late on the bandwaggon as usual.

Anyway, newest (and youngest) to oldest! I am not stealthy, I'm really not.

Chuck Bartowski: the flaily little nerd )

Elizabeth Stonem: the enigmatic bad girl )

Angela Pearly-Gates Montenegro: the fun and flirty one )

And once again I'm just going to link back to Cindy Mackenzie and Shawn Farrell, since the likelihood of running into them is severely decreased due to their alumni-ness.

Me: I've decided my type is probably 'brunettes without powers'. That's all I can get out of this lot. )


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