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Tonight's election wasn't something Effy could say she was particularly invested in. Wasn't like she was in the country, and she couldn't think it was going to affect her much here.

Besides, they all talked complete shit most of the time anyway. Politicians for you.

And yet... Stretched out on her bed, laptop on, with the BBC website in the background as she threw the odd IM back and forth with Tony. He could vote, that was her reasoning for why it apparently meant more to him.

[[Ah, elections. Door's open, post is also!]]
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One of those benefits of being roommate-less, always gonna be there was no one to kick out when it came to the end of the night and, as planned, she didn't leave alone.

And still wasn't alone. Lying up against someone else, face turned into their chest, wasn't a bad way to wake up after all that. Enough so, that unless someone gave her a very good reason, she wouldn't be moving in any way other than a subtle shift closer.

It was not cuddling, no.

[[for that one that's there already, and a weetiny!]]
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Effy's room was dark and freezing, and for the moment she was only putting up with it for the moment simply because she was pretty sure she'd feel colder if she got up and wandered around the dorms.

Not being very good at layers as a general rule, she was probably going to suffer this weekend.

Wasn't doing as badly as she could be, at the moment. Fortunately, she had a hell of a lot of candles, and found herself a long sleeved shirt, leggings and an oversized sweater she'd probably stolen from Tony at some point to pull way down over her knees and wrap her arms around as she fiddled with her phone before the batteries died on her.

Give her a minute, and she'd probably be back under her blankets. Weekend, so no one was going to force her to go anywhere. Could have had worse plans to keep her going until she ultimately got bored.

[[Door is closed, occupant cold, post can be open!]]
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Last class for the term finally out of the way, and it was really about time Effy started to think about her trip home tomorrow, and... well, the packing she had to do for it.

Sure, she probably had enough stuff back in Bristol to get by for a week, but an overnight bag at least might be a good idea, and she yanked one out from under her bed to throw a few things into.

If nothing else, she was looking forward to seeing Tony, maybe even Pandora, though she might be less likely to admit to that second one. The couple of things she actually missed about home were the people. That was something she'd never really imagined would be the case.

[[Door and post are ooooopen, feel free to bug her.]]
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By mid-afternoon, it was getting a little too hot for her very pale British self to be anywhere outside (even if it was alligator free, now), so Effy was in the dorms, and in true antisocial spirit, in her own room. She hadn't honestly spent all that much time there since moving out of the cabins, so it was probably about time.

The door was open, which either showed some vague social improvement on her part, or possibly just that she was hoping for a bit of a breeze while she finally got around to unpacking properly. Probably the latter.

Anyway, there was that, and she was even occasionally pausing to get lost in her music for a minute. It was entirely possible she was happy in a less than natural sort of way.

It was a weekend, was there really any better way to spend her time?

[[Door and post are wiiiiide open!]]


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