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Last class for the term finally out of the way, and it was really about time Effy started to think about her trip home tomorrow, and... well, the packing she had to do for it.

Sure, she probably had enough stuff back in Bristol to get by for a week, but an overnight bag at least might be a good idea, and she yanked one out from under her bed to throw a few things into.

If nothing else, she was looking forward to seeing Tony, maybe even Pandora, though she might be less likely to admit to that second one. The couple of things she actually missed about home were the people. That was something she'd never really imagined would be the case.

[[Door and post are ooooopen, feel free to bug her.]]
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First week or so in this sodding weird place, really hadn't been as awful as she'd expected. There were a few people even weren't too bad (and the ones that were she could still annoy the hell out of), a bar where they didn't even try and card her, and there were even a few parties. What else did she really need, right?

For all the last few days had been quieter for her, a couple of classes and not much else, making her way to find other people felt like just a little too much social effort. She could see the light of a couple of other cabins dotted around through the dusk from here, and that was good enough for her.

It was still relatively warm out, so she settled on the steps of her cabin and stretched out to enjoy a bit of evening air, and a bit of evening spliff, to watch the odd moose wander past (and god, being stoned made that a lot easier to digest).

... And hope that she didn't get bitched at for being a fire hazard, or whatever. She was not a fucking fire hazard. She was great with fire.

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