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What are you thinking about? )

[[Most dialogue taken from Skins 4x07 "Effy". In my head, Foster's involvement ends here... Yes.]]
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For all that they tried to be cutesy and non-threatening, there was something about this place that incited a certain distinct unease. )

[[NFI and NFB cause of distance, and as usual warnings for Effy and her issues. Welcome to the Skins idea of psychological care.]]
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Effy'd never been much of a talker. This time, she didn't think she'd need to say much.

It was more a show than a tell. It'd gone way further than she should've let it go, and somewhere inside she knew it. Looking at her walls now, with her mum at her side, she knew that. It'd been a long time, too long, just staring, and it was when Anthea started using the door frame for support that Effy finally broke the silence.

"Mum." She swallowed, watching her take everything in. "... Mum."

Anthea didn't seem like she was in the place to respond, so Effy shut up again, and waited. Eventually they'd talk. Or she'd be talked at, more likely. Until then, she was just going to have to wait.

[[Establishy, and vaguely adapted from canon. She'll be popping home for a bit, but will be back.]]
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Peter was gone, and his side of the room was now bare and empty. Effy's mum, however, had landed, and supposedly was on the island. At least, there were several texts implying it and asking where she was. Effy hadn't bothered to go find her.

Daughter of the Year award was not going to find a home here. )

[[Again, door is closed, but should anyone want to disturb her they can. The usual warnings apply. Improvement is on the horizon, I promise.]]
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Pandora was sitting there across from her at her parent's kitchen table, breakfast completely ignored, while they both tried to pretend they hadn't just witnessed the catalyst to the argument raging in the hallway. The argument that had been going already for a good twenty minutes just upstairs.

Wasn't every day you witnessed one parent kissing the other parent's boss in the hallway in front of all of them. If she'd thought the incident a couple of days ago had been bad, it was because she hadn't had to deal with this part yet.

This... wasn't as easy to ignore. )

[[And again, NFB for distance related reasons. Dialogue modified from Skins 3x04.]]
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This was one of the things Effy hadn't really missed about home. Standing around in the cold and grey, despite the fact it was technically still summer. Pandora did at least make that a little more entertaining, but it was never going to be a favourite of hers. She almost missed the muggy heat of Fandom.

"My mum still thinks you're out there doing missionary work," Pandora said to her. "I said you're packing gifts for the poor in Africa."

"Why couldn't I do that in Bristol?"

"Because it's close to there!"

It was not anywhere near being close to there, but Effy decided not to enlighten poor Pandora on her misunderstood geography, and just arched eyebrows in a little amusement. "Of course."

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[[NFB for obvious distance-related reasons, and dialogue modified from Skins 3x03.]]


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