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It had only been a few days by Fandom standards, but here and to Effy it was feeling like weeks. Maybe it had been. She wasn’t sure on a number. Probably because they’d plugged her so full of drugs until now that she’d been in a bit of haze since she arrived and she’d simply not been in the state, or even wanted to think about keeping count.

They were finally easing off on the pills, little by little. She was beginning to realise that days here were always the same in a way she hadn’t before, and it wouldn’t be long until that would push her out of here if nothing else.

The important thing, to her at least, was that the voices had been muted. One by one. Without alcohol, and without her forcing distraction. She could think again.

The world was starting to come back to her, she considered, as she gazed out the window. Outside on the grass, a large group were taking some kind of stress relief, bouncing around on Space Hoppers. Fucking ridiculous, if you asked her.

Secretly, perhaps she wished her schedule here had a little more time on space hoppers, blowing up balloons and stroking kittens, and a little less talking to psychiatrists. But that just wasn’t her luck now was it?

[[NFI and NFB cause of distance, and as usual warnings for Effy and her issues. Welcome to the Skins idea of psychological care.]]
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