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Being small and kitty-shaped actually wasn't so bad, once you got used to it.

A week down the line, and Effy had apparently well settled into the feline way of life, staying up all night and happily napping well into the afternoon. Later she'd probably be pissed she'd missed a week in Hawaii, disgusted at some of the things she'd sniffed and/or eaten and probably spend a lot of time glaring at Alex for all the mockery she'd get.

... But right now, dozing in a tightly curled ball on Alex's bed, it didn't seem half bad. Really fucking nice, you might say. Give her a minute to realise the sudden lack of fur was making it a little colder than she'd like, and that opinion might change.

[[Room modded with permission, and for that guy whose bed it is. Or, hey, the roommate too should he be about.]]
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With class over for the week, and spring break right there, Effy was right about thinking she'd start on her weekend. Maybe go out, find some of her own fun. It'd been a while.

It was always at moments when you made a decision like that, that life decided to screw you over in the most irritating ways. For most people in most places this came in the form of finding the clubs you wanted to go to were closed, or the buses weren't running... Maybe you got ill. In Effy's case, slightly less mundane. Trouble with this island was that is was never mundane, and finding yourself fur-covered and a fraction of the size you were used to wasn't a one-off occurrence. Unfortunately.

The end of the week, after classes, and right before a full week that could've been spent in Hawaii. Fucking typical.

If a cat could scowl and roll her eyes in frustration, that's what she'd be doing right now. There went her plans.

[[Door's cracked, if you happen to want to see a kitty. Fair warning, she likes her claws.]]
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Effy had no idea what was going on this week. So people were a little dozy, so what? As soon as she got back from class, she was making plans to go out again, one way to stop herself from falling into the same stupor as everyone else seemed to be.

Of course, no sooner had she decided that, and flopped down onto her bed... than where she sat, was a little blue-eyed cat, instead. This was not the solution to her boredom she'd been hoping for.

Now, she couldn't even smoke.

Fucking ridiculous. She crawled out from under the clothes she had been wearing and stalked to the end of the bed where she sat, sniffed as haughtily as an adorable little kitty could, and proceeded to clean behind her ears.

[[The door is open and the post can be too, if anyone wants to take a break from the drama to mock play with the kitty!]]


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