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This was one of the things Effy hadn't really missed about home. Standing around in the cold and grey, despite the fact it was technically still summer. Pandora did at least make that a little more entertaining, but it was never going to be a favourite of hers. She almost missed the muggy heat of Fandom.

"My mum still thinks you're out there doing missionary work," Pandora said to her. "I said you're packing gifts for the poor in Africa."

"Why couldn't I do that in Bristol?"

"Because it's close to there!"

It was not anywhere near being close to there, but Effy decided not to enlighten poor Pandora on her misunderstood geography, and just arched eyebrows in a little amusement. "Of course."

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[[NFB for obvious distance-related reasons, and dialogue modified from Skins 3x03.]]
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Sitting on the side of the steps outside her cabin, rather than in it, or at one of the campfires was pretty normal for Effy. She could get air, smoke without (hopefully) pissing cabinmates off too much and take in a bit of the quiet evening without actually having to pretend to care about being sociable. It worked for her.

And she was pretty sure it actually gave her more privacy for a call to Tony than being cramped in her alcove.

It wasn't a long conversation, but more than enough to put her in an even more brooding mood than she had been before. Amazing as she thought Tony was, nothing was quite the same, even a year down the line and the tidbits he was passing back were less than encouraging. Less than usual, even. Fucking parents.

She was just going to stay out here for a bit. Make the most of the slightly cooler evening and the quiet while it still was.

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By mid-afternoon, it was getting a little too hot for her very pale British self to be anywhere outside (even if it was alligator free, now), so Effy was in the dorms, and in true antisocial spirit, in her own room. She hadn't honestly spent all that much time there since moving out of the cabins, so it was probably about time.

The door was open, which either showed some vague social improvement on her part, or possibly just that she was hoping for a bit of a breeze while she finally got around to unpacking properly. Probably the latter.

Anyway, there was that, and she was even occasionally pausing to get lost in her music for a minute. It was entirely possible she was happy in a less than natural sort of way.

It was a weekend, was there really any better way to spend her time?

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First week or so in this sodding weird place, really hadn't been as awful as she'd expected. There were a few people even weren't too bad (and the ones that were she could still annoy the hell out of), a bar where they didn't even try and card her, and there were even a few parties. What else did she really need, right?

For all the last few days had been quieter for her, a couple of classes and not much else, making her way to find other people felt like just a little too much social effort. She could see the light of a couple of other cabins dotted around through the dusk from here, and that was good enough for her.

It was still relatively warm out, so she settled on the steps of her cabin and stretched out to enjoy a bit of evening air, and a bit of evening spliff, to watch the odd moose wander past (and god, being stoned made that a lot easier to digest).

... And hope that she didn't get bitched at for being a fire hazard, or whatever. She was not a fucking fire hazard. She was great with fire.

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