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This was just exactly the reason that Effy avoided phone calls home, (except for the ones to Tony) like the plague. Couldn't manage one sodding five minute conversation without going off on one about something.

Today, as was the theme lately, it was at each other. )

Didn't take much of that back and forth before Effy deliberately hung up and threw her phone down onto her bed and cranked up some music in the hope that might drown out her thoughts. Ten quid said it took them a good twenty minutes to even notice she wasn't on the line anymore.

Just when she thought she was four thousand miles away and they couldn't keep fucking with her emotions. Just fantastic.

[[NFB on the contents of the parental conversation, which once again was taken with some modification from Skins 3x05, because I can't just let her be yet. Door's cracked, and the post can be open, sure, if someone actually wants to deal with her emo.]]
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This was one of the things Effy hadn't really missed about home. Standing around in the cold and grey, despite the fact it was technically still summer. Pandora did at least make that a little more entertaining, but it was never going to be a favourite of hers. She almost missed the muggy heat of Fandom.

"My mum still thinks you're out there doing missionary work," Pandora said to her. "I said you're packing gifts for the poor in Africa."

"Why couldn't I do that in Bristol?"

"Because it's close to there!"

It was not anywhere near being close to there, but Effy decided not to enlighten poor Pandora on her misunderstood geography, and just arched eyebrows in a little amusement. "Of course."

Read more... )

[[NFB for obvious distance-related reasons, and dialogue modified from Skins 3x03.]]


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