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Weekends sort of lost their meaning a little when you had so much free time in a week as it was. Days seemed to meld a little. Considering classes would be kicking back in again for real tomorrow, she should probably be making the most of it. Maybe by going out, or socialising or something.

But no. She wasn't. Instead, making use of her time by staring into space and smoking out her open window. Managed to waste a hell of a lot of time deep in her own head. She was only half taking in the view she was staring out at right now, the fact it was fucking freezing with this window pushed wide (it was still warmer than spending any sort of time on the roof), and that her cigarette was in danger of burning her fingers if she ignored it to fiddle with her bracelets much longer.

At least she was vaguely layered up in jeans and a leather jacket and unlikely to actually freeze any time soon.

[[Post's open, as is the door. Warning that I am a horrible flake lately, but will try and respond in some kind of timely fashion.]]


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